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Max Molteni and the Maldives: a passion long 30 years

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Max Molteni and the Maldives: a passion long more than 20 years

Max Molteni, from diving instructor to cruise designer

Max Molteni, cruise planner and yacht skipper with an intimate knowledge of the Maldives and of their underwater beauties, first discovers the Maldivian archipelago at the age of 21 while on holiday with his father. In 1992 he starts working on the island of Boduhithi as a diving instructor and in 1994 he boards the motor yacht Fathuhul Bari, taking charge for two years. With the Fathuhul Bari he begins to discover the archipelago, above and below the surface of the sea. 1998 is the start of his career as resort manager, which is to continue until the end of 2004. In January 2005 he moves to Malé, where he starts building Dhoni Stella. Max is also the author of the Maldives Cruising Guide, published in 2008. With his extensive experience working in the region, the book is the most comprehensive navigation guide to the low-lying, tropical island chain.

The Maldives Cruising Guide by Max Molteni

This volume is the most comprehensive to cover the Maldives archipelago. The text provides a full range of sailing directions as well as anchorage locations, supported by detailed charts and aerial photos in full colour. A substantial introductory section provides important information on the country, as well as covering navigation, equipment and cruising formalities. Climate & weather - crucial to planning cruises in these waters - are discussed at length and a chapter is devoted to fishing, surfing and scuba diving. The itineraries section provides abundant explanatory advise on approaches, navigation, anchorages, harbours and places of interest for all the Maldivian atolls. All the subject matter is clearly presented and indexed for easy reference. Attached to the volume is a full colour map (36 x 100cm) of the entire archipelago indicating useful waypoints for the approaches and through the passes. Maldives Cruising Guide is an essential source of information not only for cruising yachtsmen but also for anyone planning to visit these unique and fascinating islands. Editor: www.frangente.comGet your copy of the complete edition here. 

Max Molteni and his knowledge of the island-nation of Sri Lanka

Max's Sri Lankan travels began in 2007 and since then he has traveled extensively throughout the country. During these years, Max has visited and hand-picked the best villas and boutique hotels on the island as well as excellent tour drivers. With these resources he has created exclusive, individual tours to combine the beauty of Sri Lanka's green landscapes with the amazing turquoise-blue waters of the Maldives. 

Get in touch with Max Molteni

Max has carefully designed all Maldives itineraries and Sri Lanka tours offered through this website. He would be glad to assist you in designing your own cruise in the Maldives aboard Dhoni Stella or your individualized tour of Sri Lanka. Contact Max through our website by the WhatsApp or 'Call Me Back' icons. Alternatively, click here to send him a message.
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