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Dhoni cruises in the Maldives aboard Dhoni Stella

Dhoni cruises in the Maldives aboard Dhoni Stella
Dhoni cruises in the Maldives aboard Dhoni Stella

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Dhoni Stella, your traditional and private yachts in the Maldives

Dhoni Stella I & II are Maldivian luxury dhonies, each with just two cabin-suites, catering for 2-6 passengers and available for private charter only. Maldives enthusiasts will experience a really unique holiday, sailing the archipelago with their family or with another couple. 
Dhoni Stella yachts are wonderful combinations of classic and modern style. Built by using mainly local wood, the finishing touches bring you back to a time of simplicity and elegance, nostalgic of the antique boats on which these cruisers were modeled; though the modern comforts of holiday luxury have certainly not been forgotten. 

Explore the Maldives in style and privacy by your dhoni cruise

Unlike the other cruisers available in the archipelago, where passengers share the boat with other tourists and follow a pre-planned program, aboard Dhoni Stella guests are free to design their own cruise. You choose the destinations and activities that suit you, including: scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, islands hopping and more.

With this flexibility, Dhoni Stella brings you the experience of 'freestyle cruising' among the Maldives. Click here for more details. 

Click below the Dhoni Stella to suit your needs and quote your cruise online:
Dhoni Stella 1 - Best option for one couple or one family.
Dhoni Stella 2 - Best option for two couples or two families.
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