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Maldives Cruise

Ari Atoll (7 nights Charter)

Cruise Overview

Any date from Male International Airport
Any date to Male International Airport
7 Nights
South Male, North and South Ari, North Male
Best period:
All the year long
Best for:
Snorkelers, divers, resorts and islands hoping enthusiasts

7 nights of private charter on full board. Visits to beautiful uninhabited islands, the capital Malè, the local village of Dangethi with its giant Ficus Benjamina, the Fenfushi mosque, the underwater marine reserves of Mushimasmigili and Kudarah Thila, the spectacular shoals of Malhoos and Broken Rock, the snorkelers paradises of Bulhaalhohi and Hurasdhoo, the mantas and whale sharks watching of Dhonkalo and Maamigili Beiyru (South Ari Atoll Marine Protected Area).

Day Location^ Atoll* Visits & Activities^
1 Velassaru Maldives South Male Snorkeling, check dive for scuba divers
2 Mushimasmigili Thila North Ari Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to the desert island of Meerufenfushi. Night fishing.
3 Maaya Thila, Maalhos Thila North Ari Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit the village of Maalhos. Night dive**
4 Panettone, Radhdhiga South Ari Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to the desert island of Radhdhiga. BBQ dinner**
5 Fenfushi South Ari Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to the desert island of Bulhaalohi, Hurasdhoo and the village of Fenfushi.
6 Dhangheti Village South Ari Snorkeling & scuba diving, mantas & whale shark watching, visit to the village of  Dhangheti.
7 Male International Airport North Male Snorkeling and visit to the capital, Male.
^The locations, the visits and activities of this itinerary are subjected to the wind and sea conditions. *Get more details on the locations by clicking on the atoll names and find their position on our map.    ** BBQ dinner and night dives are subjected to the weather conditions.
In detail:

This cruise explores one of the most famous atolls of the Maldives, Ari or Alifu atoll, with its several places of interests. Fenfushi is without doubt a must for those in search of the fundamental aspects of Maldivian tradition. The inhabitants were skilful sculptors and carvers of coral and their art is still to be seen on the finely decorated walls of the island’s mosque and the tombstones in the nearby cemetery. Another place of interest in Ari atoll is the village of Dhangethi. The island has two giant ficus benjamina, a tree originally from South-East Asia, with a straight, slim trunk which is flexible and elegant with very thick foliage. On older trees the branches develop column-like, overhead roots which are used to distribute the weight of the foliage, which extends horizontally to an enormous extent once the tree reaches maturity. These roots are still used today by the locals to make masts and booms for their boats, thanks to their resistance and flexibility. Several deserted islands are suitable for a good swim and some excellent snorkeling. These include: Innafushi, Bulhaalhohi and Hurasdhoo.

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Diving & fishing:

Ari Atoll is also a diver’s paradise. The best diving sites include: the Panettone, with its underwater rocks completely covered by yellow and orange soft corals and sea fans; the marine reserves of Kudarah Thila and the manta point of Madivaru; or the fascinating and suggestive Broken Rock. The reef outside the island of Maamigili is plied in both directions by several local cruising boats in search of the giant of the seas, the whale shark, whose formidable shape is clearly visible even with just goggles and flippers.

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