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Maldives Cruise

South Expedition - 2nd stage (7 nights Charter)

Cruise Overview

Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport
Kaadhedhdhoo Domestic Airport
7 Nights
Laamu, Huvadhoo
Best period:
Selected dates
Best for:
Experienced divers, snorkelers, fishermen, getaway lovers

7 nights of private charter on full board. Fly to Laamu and cruise to Huvadhoo atoll. Dozens of wonderful sand-strips and uninhabited islands, genuine local villages, the amazing beauty of Huvadhoo Atoll, for many the best atoll for snorkeling, diving and fishing. The stage ends to the airport of Kaadhedhdhoo where guests would get a domestic flight back to Malè.

Day Location^ Atoll* Visits & Activities^
1 Six Senses Laamu Laamu Snorkeling, check dive for scuba divers. Visit of Six Senses Laamu (subjected to the resort authorization).
2 Maanaagalaa Island Huvadhoo Night navigation to Huvadhoo Atoll. Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to Maanaagalaa. Night fishing.
3 Viligili Kandu Huvadhoo Snerkeling & scuba diving. Visit to the village of Viligili.
4 Nilandhoo Kandu Huvadhoo Snorkeling & scuba diving. Visit to a desert island. 
5 Park Hyatt Maldives Huvadhoo Snorkeling & scuba diving. Visit to a desert island and to the Park Hyatt (subjected to the resort authorization). Night dive**.
6 Maarehaa Kandu Huvadhoo Snorkeling & scuba diving. Visit and BBQ dinner on the desert island of Maarehaa**
Kaadhedhdhoo Airport
Snorkeling & scuba diving. Navigation to Kaadhedhdhoo Airport.

^The locations, the visits and activities of this itinerary are subjected to the wind and sea conditions. *Get more details on the locations by clicking on the atoll names and find their position on our map.    ** BBQ dinner and night dives are subjected to the weather condition.

In detail:

Guests board the yacht upon a domestic flight from Malè to Kadhdhoo airport in Laamu Atoll. During this stage, the yacht reach the large Huvadhoo Atoll, which is separated from Laamu Atoll by the wide “One and half degree channel”, or Huvadhoo Kandu, 53 nautical miles wide and approximately 2000m deep, which has only one small shoal with a head at about 15 metres, called Sathoa-thila. The atoll has always been considered by most people to be the best, in terms of places of interest and the marvels of nature: there is no end to the uncontaminated deserted islands and all you have to do is put your head under water anywhere to admire intact coral reefs, teeming with fish and full of coral. Laamu and Huvadhoo atolls have serveral good breaks for wave surfing. The stage ends to the airport of Kaadhedhdhoo where guests would get a domestic flight to Malè.

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Diving & fishing:

The Eastern side of Huvadhoo is a paradise in the true sense of the word for diving enthusiasts and fishermen. During the dry monsoon practically all the narrow passes which interrupt the atoll’s perimeter, between Vilingili and Gemanafushi, are ideal sites for extraordinary current dives: crystal-clear water, excellent light and an enormous amount of deep sea fish. The stretch between Funadhoo and Kaduhuludhoo is also considered to be one of the best for fishing in the entire archipelago from December to April.

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