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Maldives Cruise

Baa-Lhaviyani Atolls (10 nights Charter)

Cruise Overview

Any date from Male International Airport
Any date from Male International Airport
10 Nights
North Male, Baa, Lhaviyani
Best period:
July to September
Best for:
Snorkelers, beginners and experienced divers, couples, resort hoppers, surfers

10 nights of private charter on full board. Visits to beautiful uninhabited islands, luxury resorts islands and spas, the underwater marine reserves of Dhigalhi Haa, Kuredu Kandu and Fushifaru Thila, the wonderful shoals of and Dhonfanu and Dhigu Thila, the massive twin wrecks of the Shipyard and the amazing whirling feast of the mantas and whale sharks of Hanifaaru Bay.

Day Location^ Atoll* Visits & Activities^
1 Raasfari North Male Snorkeling, check dive for scuba divers.
2 One&Only Reethi Rah North Male Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to the resort One&Only (subjected to the resort authorization).
3 Dhigalhi Haa, Dhonfano Baa Navigation to Baa Atoll. Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to the village of Dhonfano. Night dive**
4 Four Seasons Laanda Giravaaru Baa Snorkeling & scuba diving. Visit to the resort of Four Seasons Laanda Giraavaru (subjected to the resort authorization).
5 Kuredhu Kanduolhi Lhaviyani Snorkeling and scuba diving. Visit to a sandstrip.
6 Felivaru Island Lhaviyani Snorkeling & scuba diving. Visit to the desert island of Fushifaru and the tuna factory of Felivaru.
7 Hanifaaru Bay Baa Snorkeling in Hanifaru Bay. Visit to the desert island and BBQ dinner**
8 Erlangen Wreck North Male Navigation to North Male. Snorkeling & scuba diving. Night fishing.
9 Thulusdhoo North Male Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to the sandstrip of Asdu and the village of Thulusdhoo.
10 Male International Airport North Male Snorkeling and visit to the capital, Male.
^The locations, the visits and activities of this itinerary are subjected to the wind and sea conditions. *Get more details on the locations by clicking on the atoll names and find their position on our map.    ** BBQ dinner and night dives are subjected to the weather conditions.
In detail:

This cruise brings you through the coral reefs of Malè North Atoll till the fantastic Baa and Lhaviyani Atolls. On your way, you can visit two of the most luxurious resorts of the archipelago: the One&Only Reethi Rah, which is the largest investment so far made in the tourism sector, and the prestigious Four Seasons at Landaa Giraavaru, where visitors can book to use the excellent spa centre and sample its restaurants, above all the Blue, for a refined lunch and a breathtaking view over the surrounding lagoon (the visits are subjected to the resorts authorization). In Lhaviyani you can visit the largest tuna processing factory of the country and enjoy several deserted islands and worderfull dives.

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Diving & fishing:

Baa Atoll is rapidly becoming a well-known destination for diving enthusiasts, above all during the period between May and November. There are plenty of fish in the small shoal of Dhonfanu and in the marine reserve of Dhigalhi Haa. But the most interesting spot in the atoll is the coral ring of Hanifaaru. On the western side the coral reef splits into two, creating a cul-de-sac corridor, which you enter opposite the fine deserted island of Hanifaarurah. During the South-West monsoon, in the presence of an out-flowing current, large quantities of plankton are drawn inside the corridor, with high concentrations at the dead end. This occurrence attracts many mantas and some whale sharks, both great predators of plankton: a sight which is unique in its kind. All you need is a mask and a pair of flippers. Lhaviyani also has unique dives to offer: the massive wrecks of the Shipyard, the amazing corner of the Kuredu Kandu and the wonderfull Fushifaru Thila, rich of sharks from November to April and mantas in the rest of the year.

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