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Maldives Cruise

Vaavu (2 nights Baros + 6 Charter + 2 Velassaru)

Cruise Overview

Any date from Baros Maldives
Any date to Velassaru Maldives
10 Nights
North Male, South Male, Vaavu, Meemu
Best period:
All the year long
Best for:
Snorkelers, divers, resorts hoppers, fishermen, couples, honeymooners
The first 2 nights are at Baros Maldives in Deluxe Beach Villa on B&B. Departure from Baros Villa for 6 nights of private charter on full board. Visits to wonderful sand-strips and desert islands, genuine local village, the underwater marine reserves of Guraidhoo and Myaru Kandu, the sharks points of Kandhooma Thila and Gaahuraa Kandu, the colorful caves of Foththeyo and Mulak Kandu. The last 2 nights are at Velassaru Maldives in Deluxe Bungalow on bed & breakfast.
Day Location^ Atoll* Visits & Activities^
1 Baros Maldives North Male Relax and activities at the resort.
2 Baros Maldives North Male Relax and activities at the resort.
3 Myaru Kandu Vaavu Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to Kudadhiggaru Finolhu, dolphin watching.
4 Foththeyo Kandu Vaavu Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to Foththeyo desert island. 
5 Rakeedho Kandu, Mulaku Kandu Meemu Snorkeling & scuba diving, Night fishing.
6 Gaahuraa Kandu, The Golden Wall  Vaavu Snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to the local village of Keydhoo.
7 Vashugiri Island Vaavu Snorkeling & scuba diving and visit to the desert island of Vashugiri. BBQ beach dinner**
8 Kandhooma Thila, Guraidhoo Kandu South Male Snorkeling & scuba diving, night dive**
9 Velassaru Maldives South Male Relax and activities at the resort.
10 Velassaru Maldives South Male Relax and activities at the resort.

^The locations, the visits and activities of this itinerary are subjected to the wind and sea conditions. *Get more details on the locations by clicking on the atoll names and find their position on our map.    ** BBQ dinner and night dives are subjected to the weather conditions. 

In detail:

This cruise touches two of the most remote and uninhabited atolls of the Maldives: Vaavu and Meemu. The eastern side of Vaavu is one of the most popular choices for cruising boats in all seasons. There are many reasons: short stretches of open ocean - easy to cross during any monsoon - separate the atoll from Male; navigation is effortless throughout the year; the diving and snorkeling sites are among the most worthwhile in the archipelago; there are only two resorts and therefore little tourist traffic; and lastly the eastern tip of the atoll is one of the points with an abundance of fish on a par with anywhere in the archipelago during the dry monsoon. There are little less than 10 miles of the Vattaru Kandu which separate the atolls of Vaavu and Meemu. Before the cruise we planned for you 2 nights on B&B at Baros Maldives. The room selected for the nights is a Deluxe Beach Villa. Dotted along the shorefront, dappled in the shade, Deluxe Beach Villas shelter you beneath the natural jungle canopy that defines Baros. Enjoy lazy days on your beachfront deck, or wade into the lagoon and explore our teeming house reef. Room and meal plan upgrading are available on request. This cruise can be alternatively combined with Huvafen Fushi resort. The transfer to the resort on arrival will be provided by speedboat. For the last 2 nights we have selected Velassaru Maldives. Offering the best in contemporary living, surrounded by tropical greenery and just steps from the beach, your Deluxe Bungalow provides 70sqm of spacious accommodation with minimalist interiors and colorful accents. Room and meal plan upgrading is available on request. Once arrived at Velassaru Maldives, the yacht will be relocated to Male. The transfer to the airport on departure will be provided by speedboat.

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Diving & fishing:

Mantas during the wet monsoon and pelagic fish all the year long: this is the promise of the waters and passes around Alimatha and the eastern side of Vaavu atoll. Myaru Kandu, the Myaru Kandu marine reserves and the Foththeyo pass are the three current dives not to be missed by more expert divers. The outer reef at Foththeyo Falhu is considered one of the spots with an abundance of fish on a par with anywhere in the archipelago from December to April, but there are also plenty of fish at Dhiggiri Point, in the dry monsoon, and in the stretch between Rakeedhoo and Fussaru Falhu during the rest of the year. Also the narrow passes and the long, uninterrupted coral reefs of Meemu Atoll provide an ideal habitat for large pelagic fishes. Diving and fishing thus provide plenty of satisfaction, above all during the dry monsoon. Mulak Kandu and Gaahuraa Kandu certainly feature among the most spectacular current dives in the Maldives. The first offers an extraordinary variety of pelagic fishes around its entrance, with a series of caves and blocks of coral covered with soft corals and sea fans to colour its western corner. The pass's sandy seabed provides a kind of light which is particularly appreciated by underwater photographers. The step of the Gaahuraa Kandu is crossed from side to side by a series of caves covered with marvellous, saffron-coloured soft corals and sea fans. This is one of the passes with the highest concentration of grey sharks in the archipelago when the current flows inside the channel. 

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